Vinyl Records Press

The V110LP Press represents INPROS' latest frontier of innovation in vinyl record production.

This press was designed to meet the increasing demands for quality and precision in the analogue audio industry, offering an optimal solution for the production of high-quality vinyl records.

The Machine


Advanced Technology

The V110LP incorporates the latest pressing technology, guaranteeing the production of vinyl records with high quality standards. Its ability to produce records with exceptional sound quality meets the needs of the most demanding music enthusiasts and audiophiles.


Efficient and Consistent Production

This press was designed to maximise production efficiency. The V110LP guarantees not only fast production, but also consistency of quality on every record produced, a key element in maintaining an excellent reputation in the vinyl market.


Operator Oriented Design

The V110LP is easy to operate and maintain, thanks to its intuitive design and accessible user interface. This ensures ease of use and reduces downtime, thereby increasing overall production efficiency.


Adaptability and Customisation

Understanding the variety and specificity of production requirements in the vinyl field, the V110LP is designed to be adaptable and customisable. This allows vinyl record producers to optimise the production process according to their specific needs.


Sustainability in the Production Process

INPROS is committed to providing solutions that not only improve quality and production efficiency, but are also environmentally conscious. The V110LP has been designed with an eye on sustainability, ensuring that vinyl record production is carried out with as little environmental impact as possible.

The V110LP Press from INPROS is the ideal choice for companies looking to enter or expand in the fast-growing vinyl market, offering a solution that combines unmatched quality, production efficiency and sustainability.

With this innovative machine, INPROS establishes itself as a leading supplier of advanced technology in the vinyl record pressing sector.

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