Control Units

INPROS sequential injector control units are characterised by: High precision and reliability.
They make it possible to work on several moulds at the same time and to set injections on several nozzle opening and closing cycles, adjustable by time or by actual injection position of the machine.


Fixed displacement motor pump, heat exchanger, filter, pressure regulator and accumulator, which sequentially control the oil distributors.


Pneumatic system complete with air solenoid valves.


Pressure line and return line


Hydraulic and pneumatic connections with quick couplings.


Electric panel and touch-screen control panel.


Dual interface for separate solenoid valve control.


Trolley on wheels with brake.

As an option, they can be equipped with outputs for controlling coils on the mould with settable voltage 24AC / 24 DC / 110CC and oil pressure regulation on each output.
INPROS hydraulic power units for managing core-pullers are particularly important, both for use on all-electric machines and for controlling core-pullers with characteristics or capacities exceeding the capacities of solutions supplied with traditional injection moulding machines. Fully autonomous, wheel-mounted, they are equipped with a fixed capacity gear pump and inverter for energy optimisation. They are equipped with an autonomous, hand-held command and control unit with touch-screen video, capable of managing up to 8 independent valves.

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