Electric and Hydraulic auxiliary injectors

Independent Auxiliary Injection Units, hybrid or fully electric versions, with sizes up to EUROMAP 5400, for bi-injection, co-injection or as a replacement for the original machine unit, which can be installed in different positions on any existing injection moulding machine.


Electric auxiliary injectors

The INPROS electrically driven auxiliary injectors have in precision and repeatability their strong point, to which is added the cleanliness, compact construction, and flexibility of electrically driven technology.


Hydraulic auxiliary injectors

The hydraulic auxiliary injectors are the first for overmoulding several materials together or different colours. The control unit is self-contained and equipped with a fixed capacity pump with inverter, pressure regulation, proportional valve, back pressure and metering regulated with proportional valve. Injection, pressure and speed profiles.



We offer solutions for both sequential and overlapping injection cycles.

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